5 Ways to Have Water Fun in Oxnard This Summer

5 Ways to Have Water Fun in Oxnard This Summer

When vacationing in one of the most beautiful coastal towns in California—during the summer, no less—major water fun is in order. Whether you’re looking for a rugged aquatic adventure or just plenty of R&R on the beach, check out all of the water activities in Oxnard in store for...
Scenic Sunday Drives: Ojai

Scenic Sunday Drives: Ojai

If you’re eager to hit the road again but want to hold off on a long trip that requires lots of advance planning, then scenic Sunday drives are the perfect in-between solution. Check out these shorter scenic drives near Oxnard that offer all the amazing scenery without any of...

Starting January 2, 2024, the resort will undergo a state mandated balcony/stairs repair project. Noise and construction may affect the resort guests. We anticipate this project to be completed in August 2024. As with all renovation projects, it is our goal to adhere to the aforementioned schedules; however, they are subject to change.


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