Day Trip to Ojai

Looking for the perfect day trip on your next visit to Oxnard? Look no further because we have a must-see spot for you! Take a day trip to Ojai and experience all the charm and uniqueness this small town has to offer!

There are so many hidden gems and things to do if you visit Ojai, and we have compiled a list of some popular and favorite things for guests to do when they visit this town.

The Ojai post office tower with a nice blue sky and clouds

Starting with a visit to Heavenly Honey Company! This cute little stop will have all the amazing honey options your heart desires. And as of recently, they have also included organic loose leaf tea into their shop…a perfect combination! Check out a wide variety of different honeys with their honey tasting. This fun and unique experience is a must when you plan a trip to Ojai. We all know honey is a great addition to sweetened tea, but the custom blends in the new teas offered here have been designed to perfection! There are definitely quite a few souvenirs you could pick up at this stop during your trip to Ojai!

Next, enjoy some lunch at one of the many restaurants in the downtown area! There is such a wide range of food options that there is something to meet the needs of your group. You can find classic, comfort food that everyone is used to. Or you could explore some unique and exciting new dining options that are available. From classic to modern and everything in between, there is something for everyone!

Another stop you have to make is to Tipple & Ramble! This amazing place has combined an outdoor bar and home décor shop together to make a must-see stop during your day trip to Ojai. The outdoor patio is inviting and is the perfect setting to enjoy a nice drink with great company.

Finally, you can’t let a day trip to Ojai pass without a stop into Bart’s Books! This shop is the world’s largest outdoor bookstore, with over 130,000 new and used books. Since its opening in 1964, this bookstore has been a popular stop in Ojai for many book lovers and guests looking for a good read. The staff will be able to assist in finding a certain book, and giving their recommendation for something new. This bookstore is just outside the Downtown area, but still walkable if you park downtown. Definitely add this to the itinerary for your next trip to Ojai!

This is scenic Route 150 with the Topa Topa Mountains in the background. The road curves and there is a white fence along the left hand side of the road marking the nearby ranch property. This area is known as upper Ojai.

The weather this time of year is perfect for this excursion. Don’t wait to take this day trip to Ojai and book your stay at Channel Island Shores today!

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