5 Summer Road Trip Tips

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As the weather warms up and the restlessness stirs, the open road calls us back once again.

Perhaps you associate the road trips of your youth with hours spent cramped in the backseat with your siblings asking, “Are we there yet”?

However you happen to recall these childhood rites of passage, the classic road trip has officially made a comeback. With some travelers still wary of flying along with soaring rental car prices, many vacationers are opting for closer, drivable destinations instead.

Due to its breathtaking scenery and mild weather, California features some of the best stretches of open road anywhere in the country. Whether you want to lay on a warm beach, watch a desert sunrise, or breathe in fresh mountain air, the Golden State really does have it all.

Here’s how you can make the journey as safe—and enjoyable—as possible!

5 Road Trip Tips:

1. Safety first. Take more than enough hand sanitizer and wipes, using both freely and often to wipe down your door handles, car keys, and steering wheel.

2. Take care of any car maintenance like checking your oil and tire pressure before you head out since roadside services may be limited in some areas.

3. Pack all the snacks. Bring plenty of food and drinks to keep everyone well fed, hydrated, and happy—including the grown-ups!

4. Plan your entertainment. Revive classic car games like “I Spy” or “20 Questions.” For particularly long stretches of road, listen to family-friendly podcasts or books on tape.

5. Pick a random attraction to visit in each town. An old ghost town? The country’s largest thermometer? Sure, why not? Make sure to snap a silly picture in front of each one!

Wherever the open road takes you this summer, we hope it’s filled with fun, adventure, and memories to last you and your family a lifetime!

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